the game show

The game show
by Eilleen Mc Clory

Current Project in Development

Choreographic residency at Dansmakers • Amsterdam, August 2016

A physical and politically charged dance theatre production that delves into the oldest professional in the world.

Using movement, dance, theatre, and circus, the show will unfold as a pop culture game show where the ‘pimp’ is the host and the contestants and audience are merely  pawns. In his game you pay to play, the price : your dignity.  During this immersive dance theatre show the host will play with temptation and corrupt all sense of morality where the audience bargain and gamble in the Host’s sinister game. The show will unfold using satire, mime, dance and text, stories will be told, scandal will unfold…. and people will be sold.

By Giorgia Nardin

17.18.19 March 2016
Kampnagel P1 • Hamburg, Germany
h. 20:00

16 July 2016
Kilowatt Festival •  San Sepolco, Italy

28 August 2016
BMotion Festival • Bassano del Grappa, Italy


Season is a celebration of pleasure.
It plants its roots in the desire to recover an innocence towards pleasure, to treat it intuitively, to make it a game.
This celebration requires profusion, abundance, excess.
The performers become aware receptacles of sensation, generating a surplus of icons and signs that create a crowded landscape in which pleasure, and the desire for it, can be witnessed and experienced.
The signs are themselves containers for emotion, being stripped of their narrative significance they become filled with new associations, they are composed in a pile that keeps on climaxing, indulging in the quality of the too much and in the feeling of nothing is enough.
Within this journey there is a claim for exuberance, for the sake of recovering the pleasure towards which we have become so cynical.

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israel performance

'ילד שלי מוצלח'
Yeled Sheli Mutzlach
by Galit Shabi feat. Liat Waysbort

28 May 2016

Zeeheldentheater •  Maastricht, the Netherlands

29 May 2016
Pesthuyspodium • Den Haag, the Netherlands

4 June 2016
De Krakeling • Amsterdam, the Netherlands

'Yeled Sheli Mutzlach' based on the poems of Ayin Hillel, is a combination of the wish to the beauty we breathed and inherited in Israel to share with modest natural and authentic enfants and the talented people who know the intricacies of distance and longing. 
Ayin Hillil managed to tell the magic of the birth of the young Israel in his poems talking about the threes which began to fill the verges with green, the childeren who talked and played using Hebrew language, the family life... This is the world we were born. 


The pleasure is mine or my life feels like a crash accident
by Judith Sanchez Ruiz 

June 2015
AHK Danstheater •  Amsterdam, the Netherlands

June 2016
Korzo Theater • Den Haag, the Netherlands

The pleasure is mine (duet) by Judith Sanchez Ruiz

"This piece is the perception of my state of mind at this moment. Like entering into my head….
Challenge me with the argumentative questions than relate to my body movements. Habits and shapes than don’t go away. Arriving to a place of confromtation with my dance knowledge and going through the experience of various styles and repertories that I have danced for the last 20 years. This generational gap of needs, desires and facts lead me to create a piece that puzzle out, images, habits, feminism, shovinism, comunity, institution, and trendiness. Arising the question about what makes us dance in the first place? where the pleasure of moving our body came from, joy, satisfaction, generosity. Something I beleive we have forgotten on the way with knowledge and information.
I am in research for a certain distint kind of vocabulary. I have mastered a few qualities adherent to my body experience and career history line. I am interested in what will be the most relevant, what have a soul, what talk to us as viewers.
I also had added some elements of preview solo working progress piece. “i don’t beleive in half ways” presented in Brussels last April, 2015."

Hope for no diamonds
Hope for no diamonds Lien Baelde

Hope for no Diamonds 
by Giorgia Nardin

19 August 2015
Operaestate Festival Veneto • Pallazzo Pretorio • Cittadella (VI) Italy

A site-specific performance in Palazzo Pretorio commissioned by CSC/Casa della Danza di Bassano, that is a starting point for Giorgia's new work, which is going to premiere at K3-Zentrum fur Choreographie in Hamburg in March 2016.

In this work, Giorgia Nardin continues her research on the direct relationship between state of the performer and the gaze of the public. She wants to encourage the latter to follow the two dancers, Lien Baelde e Mark Christoph Klee, in their physical and emotional journey throughout the rooms of the Palazzo Pretorio.

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